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Standard German Courses

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  • real life situations and phrases
  • Support from a teacher on your individual learning process
  • Learning in a group

Learn German with the pros: the Goethe-Institut Ghana offers extensive, intensive- super-intensive courses. Once your ability has been individually assessed, you will begin lessons at the appropriate course level. If you have no previous knowledge of German, you will automatically start at level A1.

Our Course offers

Currently online

Standard course

  • 72 Teaching Units
  • 8 weeks
  • 3 sessions per week
Currently online

Intensive course

  • 148 Teaching Units
  • 8 weeks
  • 5 sessions per week
Currently online

Superintensive Course

  • 195 Teaching Units
  • 8 weeks
  • 5 sessions per week

Placement test

Test your german
Are you taking one of our German courses for the first time? In this case, you will have to take a placement test before enrolling. This will help us to find out what previous knowledge you have, set a learning goal together with you and choose a suitable course. If you have no previous knowledge, you will automatically start at level A1.

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Would you like to learn more flexibly?

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Blended Learning

Our Blended Learning is a combination of live sessions on Zoom and self-study guided by a tutor on the learning platform of the Goethe-Institut. The course is divided equally between independent study and live-sessions, which leads to optimal learning results.

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Online Group course

Our Online Group Course is for everyone, who would like to learn German independently without losing the feeling of being part of a group. All four skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) will be trained. The course takes place on the online learning platform of the Goethe-Institut and in a virtual classroom.