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European Projects

The Goethe-Institut strengthens the European integration process and conveys the cultural diversity of Europe as well as Germany's contribution to it. It works in and for Europe. It advocates a common European cultural space based on cultural diversity and autonomy. At the same time, the Goethe-Institut reflects on "Europe" as a topic both within and outside the borders of the European Union. Here we present you our projects.

Ongoing Projects

SIDiT: Supporting Inclusion and Diversity in Teaching

The "Supporting Inclusion and Diversity in Teaching" project, part of the European Union's Erasmus+ initiative, promotes integration in the classrooms and brings together the expertise of organisations, institutions, companies and schools from six European countries.

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Parents Engage

Parents Engage is an Erasmus+ program aiming to encounter Early School Leaving (ESL) of migrant or immigrant children by encouraging parents to involve more in their children’s education. The program is taking place in Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Italy, Cyprus and Türkiye.

Past Projects

Schools: Future Labs

Schools: Future Labs creates a new approach that combines language learning in German and Spanish and STEM education through the application of CLIL methodology.


Through three innovative outputs, the CRADLE teaching methodology uses a cross-curricular, activity-based, student-centred, exploratory teaching, and learning approach.