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Game Atlas: The Archeology of a World not Far-away

This October in Hong Kong, Game Atlas: The Archeology of a World Not Far-Away, featuring 14 game designers from 12 cities and 3 continents, brings you the world of video games and the video game worlds we live in. Programmes include "Game Designer Lab", a 4-day hybrid game design conference, "Game Night", a live game playing experience and "City Building as a Board Game", an educational programme for young people. 

How real can a video game be? 
Can a video game present us something about the here and now?
Can we experience real histories, cultures and lives through video games?

“Game Atlas: The Archeology of a World not Far-away” aims to communicate ways of using games as a playful media to combine historical story-telling, representation of cultural heritage, community experiences with playful mechanics and virtual world-building.

Game designers from Asia and Europe are invited to exchange perspectives and methodologies and explore the power of games in producing contextualised contents for local and global game players. The four-day conference, “Game Designer Lab” takes place in a hybrid format: Hong Kong speakers and attendees come together at Current Plans, an independent art space, and meet the international speakers via Zoom. The entire event will be streamed live and is open to an international audience of art game enthusiasts. “M+ Game Night”, a live game playing experience and “City Building as a Board Game“, an educational programme for young people, both taking place at M+, will round up the week’s activities.

Curated by Yang Jing (Allison), Game Atlas is co-presented by Goethe-Institut Hongkong and M+, in collaboration with Current Plans and School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. 

Game Designer Lab

Day 1

24.10.2022 (Mon) 8 - 10 PM HKT
HalfReal: The Third Space in Game

Peter AC Nelson (Australia / Hong Kong)
Yang Jing (Allison), Eunice Tsang
Vvzela Kook (Hong Kong)
Cornelia Geppert (Germany / US)
Cui Yingting (China)
Sun Yuqian (China / UK)

Day 2

25.10.2022 (Tue) 8 - 10 PM HKT
Ghosts From Before: Replaying Mythologies and Traditions

Souvik Mukherjee (India)
Yang Jing (Allison), Dr Jussi Holopainen
Jennifer Schneidereit (Germany/UK)
Wen-wei Chang (Taiwan)
Sojung Bahng (Korea / Canada)

Day 3

26.10.2022 (Wed) 8 - 10 PM HKT
Lived Protagonists: Time Travel in Games

Henrike Lode (Germany/Johannesburg)
Yang Jing (Allison), Kyle Chung
Deng Buran (China)
Jörg Friedrich (Germany)
Alex Zenker (Germany)
Charissa So & Tida Kietsungden (Canada)

Day 4

27.10.2022 (Thu) 8 - 10 PM HKT
Play Together: Game as Social Space

Alan Kwan (Hong Kong)
Yang Jing (Allison), Ray LC
Nick Zhang (China)
Anselm Pyta (Germany)
Rachel Li (China/US)

Game Atlas Happenings

Speakers & Collaborators

Game Atlas is co-presented by Goethe-Institute Hongkong and M+, in collaboration with Current Plans and School of Creative Media and City University of Hong Kong, and co-curated by Yang Jing (Allison).  

For enquiries, please contact the organizer team at the Goethe-Institut Hongkong: 
Kelvin Cheuk
Dr. Almuth Meyer-Zollitsch