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Day 3 Visual© Oracle and Bone

Day 3 - Lived Protagonists: Time Travel in Games

Date: 26.10.2022 (Wed)
TIme: 8 - 10 PM
Location: Current Plans & online via Zoom

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Serious games, news games, documentary games, to name but a few genres that newly emerged in game design that aim more to inform than to educate. These are the games whose creators try to express their deep care and concerns of humanity and beyond. These games usually take issue with a historical or ongoing human issue, and try to take in comprehensive information and knowledge into the gameplay, in order to stimulate their players to reflect on these issues while having fun. For this session, both our speakers and panelists are excellent pioneers in interweaving personal accounts of historical events and time spirit into narrative games. In their works we get to experience a particular history as THE witnesses/survivors. Better yet, their works offer multiple angles that enable us to have a critical view of the past.


Mechanical storytelling

To tell impactful stories in games, to make the characters come alive, and allow players to feel their pain and their joy, narrative design must be carefully integrated with game mechanics. This talk will demonstrate how this can be done with selected game examples.


Deng Buran Portrait © Deng Buran

Deng Buran (China)

Game Developer, Game Producer
A Perfect Day by A Perfect Day Studio

Jörg Friedrich Portrait © Jörg Friedrich

Jörg Friedrich (Germany)

Game Developer
The Darkest Files by Paintbucket Games


Alex Zenker (Germany)

Part of a creative and cultural collective in Leipzig
Meine Oma (88) by ROTxBLAU

Oracle and Bone Portrait © Oracle and Bone

Charissa So & Tida Kietsungden (Canada)

Game developers
A Summer’s End - Hong Kong 1986 by Oracle and Bone