German Film Forum: Generation Z

Nö Titelbild © Flare Film / Alex Sass

Regie: Dietrich Brüggemann
Deutschland / 2021 / 119’

Dina and Michael are in their early thirties. He is a doctor, she is an actress. They are happy together until Michael thinks about breaking up. She says: NOPE (NÖ). In thirteen episodes, we then accompany our two heroes while they maneuver through life over the years and try to not lose sight of their love. "NÖ" is a film about love, how to find love and our struggles to live with love. It's a film about a generation in their thirties, who have everything, who have tried everything but who often still fail silently. The film exposes hidden states of mind and at the same time shows the important impact they have on our lives.

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