The Ocean Adventure

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The Book

OCEAN ADVENTURE is a personalised children book published by the author Johanna Lehmann and the illustrator Christina Snuggs. The book takes children onto an adventure in the deep ocean. Through this journey children will not only learn about the creatures living under the ocean, but also learn about the harm that plastic waste would bring to the ocean. What can we do to rescue the creatures and the ocean? How can we protect the living space in the ocean?

Goethe-Institut Hongkong is pleased to collaborate with Johanna Lehmann and Christina Snuggs in translating the book into traditional Chinese. The Chinese edition is available in two versions: one with the character as a boy and one as a girl. Interested parties can buy the chinese version from our library. The English and German version of the book can be borrowed from our library, or ordered directly from the publisher United Letters' website.

The Creative Team

Johanna Lehmann Johanna Lehmann - Author
Johanna grew up in Germany. Her previous books won the 2013 Writer‘s Institute and were finalist at the Tuscon Festival of Books. Her previous career in Silicon Valley, California and the birth of her daughter inspired her to combine the power of storytelling with technology.

Christina Snuggs Christina Snuggs -  Illustrator
After a successful decade of running her own fashion brand internationally and the birth of her two boys, Christina decided to pursue her passion for creating art. There she found her calling in children’s book illustrating. Her abstract realist style and use of bright and vivid colors spark reader’s imaginations and bring stories to life.

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