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Placement test

Online placement test

You already have some knowledge of German, and you would like to find out which course level is the most suitable for you?
Or you have taken a German course at Goethe-Institut Hongkong more than six months ago?

Then we kindly ask you to take our placement test. The process to assess your current proficiency level in German consists of two parts:

  1. An online written placement test that we ask you to do at home before
  2. An oral interview with a teacher at the institute.

The placement test costs 100 HKD. If you sign up for one of our language courses within 4 months after the placement interview, the 100 HKD placement fee will be deducted from your course fee.

In case you have further questions regarding the placement test or you do not have time for the interview on any of the dates listed, please write to us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.     

  • Individual placement in the appropriate course level
  • accurate result, z.B. A 1.2, B 2.1
  • Price:100HKD

Quick online Test

This test is designed to roughly assess your German skills, whether you are experienced or just starting to learn the language. You will be tested on your reading comprehension and knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.
If you wish to enrol in a German course at the Goethe-Institut, please book the Online Placement Test.

For internationally recognised proof of German language proficiency, we recommend taking our official Goethe-Zertifikat exams.

  • approximate assessment of your German language skills
  • duration 15-20 minutes
  • free