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Germany What Goes© Goethe-Institut

Germany, What Goes?

Podcast travelers there's great news - the Alumniportal podcast "Germany, what goes?" is going into the second round!

Join our host Dana Newman again on this audio journey through Germany and learn about great places, exciting people, special projects and cultural peculiarities in eight German cities. There is something for everyone – The podcasts are also a great opportunity to refresh your German! For each new episode there is also a script to read along and the possibility to exchange ideas with other alumni and alumnae about the podcast.

Have fun listening!

Ep 1 Cologne ©Goethe-Institut

Episode 1: Köln, Kölsch, Köbes

Here we go with the first episode of the second season of the Alumniportal podcast "Germany, what goes?". Dana Newman is in Cologne and more specifically at the Brauhaus Früh am Dom. There she learns more about the Cologne language, the Cologne culture and also how not to make some faux pas in Cologne. To be perfectly prepared for your next visit to Cologne, listen in now.

Episode 2 Nürnberg ©Pauline Wernig

Episode 2: Lebe, Liebe, Lebkuchen

In our second episode it gets Christmassy and delicious! We visit Nuremberg and learn more about the popular Christmas pastry "Lebkuchen". Special spices, nuts and honey - can you bake the famous "Elisenlebkuchen" yourself after the episode?

Episode 3 Nürnberg ©Pauline Wernig

Episode 3: Nürnberger Christkind

Christmas is just around the corner and we're talking to the Nuremberg "Christkind". Who is the Christikind? How does one become the Nuremberg Christkind? And what are the duties related to this role? This year, many Christmas markets were cancelled, but in this episode you can experience a little bit of "Christkindlesmarkt" atmosphere.

Episode 4 Augsburg ©Pauline Wernig

Episode 4: Augsburger Puppenkiste

Today we continue our audio journey and arrive in Augsburg. Here we are guests at the "Kasperle" and the other puppets of the "Augsburger Puppenkiste", which is very popular with children and adults throughout Germany. A visit to the place where "a lot is made out of nothing".

Episode 5 Augsburg ©Pauline Wernig

Episode 5: The Fuggerei - social housing in Augsburg

The Fuggerei in Augsburg has been around for 500 years and is therefore the oldest social housing in the world. Find out more about the Fuggerei, the foundation behind it and the people who live here in the fifth episode of the podcast "Germany, what goes?"

Germany What Goes Duesseldorf © Goethe-Institut

Episode 6: Saving bananas in Düsseldorf

Around 12 million tons of food are thrown away in Germany every year - including many bananas. In this episode of "Germany, what goes?", Dana Newman talks to Be Bananas, a small start-up from Düsseldorf that saves bananas from disposal. To find out what happens with the rescued bananas, listen now!

Episode 7 Kiel ©Pauline Wernig

Episode 7: Kieler Woche

Our audio journey takes us to northern Germany, where the Baltic Sea reaches the train station and the wind blows strongly - welcome to Kiel. Every summer, the Kieler Woche takes place here. In the seventh episode of "Germany, what goes?" two Kieler Woche fans tell us what makes this international sailing event so special.

Episode 8 Flensburg ©Pauline Wernig

Episode 8: Flensburg - Life at the German-Danish border

Hey! - in the eighth episode of our audio trip "Germany, what goes?" we are going to Flensburg in the far north. Here we learn more about life at the German-Danish border, the history of the region and the Danish minority that lives here - listen now!

Germany What Goes Rostock © Goethe-Institut

Episode 9: Rostock - An underwater vehicle against plastic in the sea

We are again in northern Germany on the Baltic Sea. In Rostock we meet Johanna Sonnenberg, who is privately and professionally committed to environmental protection. She tells us about a project of the Fraunhofer Institute: A self-propelled underwater vehicle that measures microplastics in the sea. More about this in the ninth episode of "Germany, what goes?" - listen in!

Episode 10 Leipzig ©Pauline Wernig

Episode 10: Leipzig - Hochschule für Musik und Theater »Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy«

Leipzig is the next stop of our audio journey - the city is famous in the music world. We learn more about Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, conductor of the Gewandhaus Orchestra and founder of the Hochschule für Musik und Theater. Megumu Nishimura, violinist and student at the Musikhochschule, tells us why she came to Leipzig to study music. Listen to this musical podcast now!

Episode 11 Leipzig ©Pauline Wernig

Episode 11: MONAliesA - the feminist library in Leipzig

In the eleventh episode of "Germany, what goes?" we visit the feminist library "MONAliesA" in Leipzig. Since 1990, feminist literature has been collected here, the library has been used as a venue and important work for gender equality has been done - listen in!

Episode 12 Trier ©Pauline Wernig

Episode 12: Trier is "quant"!

Surprise! With our audio trip we visit another city, one of the oldest cities in Germany! Here, history not only shapes the face of the city, but also its language. Listen now to learn more about Trier and Trierisch - sauwa!

Episode 13 Trier ©Pauline Wernig

Episode 13: Trier - A visit to the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld

Out of the city, in the middle of the forest - today we visit the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld. What can you study here? And why is this the greenest campus in Germany? Learn more about it in this episode, which is all about sustainability!

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