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Nightlife von Simon Verhoeven Photo: Frédéric Batier © Warner Bros. Entertainment

German Film Forum – Unexpected Encounters

There are kinds of unexpected encounters in our daily life - be it true love, doppelganger, siblings you did not know exists before, or otherworldly beings. German Film Forum: Unexpected Encounters presents you five films, each encounter is just as unique as you may not have expected. 

Beleuchteter, festlicher, vertäfelter Filmvorführraum Copyright: Maren Willkomm, Goethe-Institut

Film archive

Our Film Archive in Hong Kong and Shanghai offer approximately 600 German feature films and documentaries (with various subtitle languages) on DVD or Bluray Format. Cinemas, film festivals, and cultural and educational institutions are welcome to borrow them free of charge for non-commercial purposes. We look forward to receiving your request.

Kino 22 © Zeitsprung Pictures / Wild Bunch Germany, Peter Hartwig

KINO/22 German Film Festival

„Herzlich willkommen”, moviegoers, film fans and everyone who loves cinema with a German flair! We are thrilled to invite you to KINO/22, the German film festival in Hong Kong and Macau. This year we will again present a great selection of new, successful films fromGermany.  It's all about dramatic, thoughtful, funny, moving stories - and where could you experience them better, more intensively, than in the cinema? Great emotions need the big screen!