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Plants, Sounds and Meditation with Bottlesmoker

Plants, Sounds and Meditation with Bottle Smoker
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“Plants, Sounds & Meditation" — Inspired by the enforced break from their musical performances during the current Covid-19 pandemic, Bottlesmoker embarked on a new project with the overarching theme of “searching for meditation points”. During their hiatus, Angkuy and Nobie continued to look for objects and activities to keep them motivated, both physically and mentally. Eventually, plants and sounds became their chosen media and means for establishing meditation points in this time of Covid-19.
Bottlesmoker aims to capture plants’ biodata and transform them into midi notes capable of triggering sound sources, resulting in tonal units that the duo will respond to. This collaboration between plants and Bottlesmoker creates musical compositions suitable for meditative purposes. Meditation is an important part of our life, bringing us back to a calm, conscious and peaceful state of mind.
For AMAN (Agenda Seniman) local artists and musicians take over Goethe-Institut Bandungs` Instagram channel and present current works as well as their everyday life during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Every first Saturday of the month, we present a live session with a studio visit or a jam session followed by a discussion on @goetheinstitut_bandung.

Bottlesmoker is an electronic music duo/group project by Anggung Suherman (Angkuy) & Ryan Adzani (Nobie), both of whom are music producers, film score composers, lecturers and sound designers. In creating their pieces, they focus on exploring local rhythms and on objects around them, from rhythms of traditional art forms to plants as sound media to be combined through electronic music. Bottlesmoker’s exploration of musical genres ranges from tribal music to techno, pacific vibes to psychedelic, and even downtempo to ambient.

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