"Kota Kita Nanti"

Kota Kita Nanti © Goethe-Institut Bandung

How can public design and urban practice inspire us to change our daily practices and structures? How can we build multidisciplinary networks to exchange ideas, skills and knowledge in our city? With an exhibition, a workshop series and a publication, Kota Kita Nanti brings together twelve perspectives on how to design a more sustainable life in Bandung.



An introduction

An introduction to Kota Kita Nanti and its contributors. The project compiles twelve perspectives with the purpose of imagining a more sustainable life in Bandung.

Me, You, Us, and Music - Grace Sahertian © Goethe-Institut Bandung

Aku, Kamu, Kita dan Musik - Grace Sahertian

Grace Sahertian is a singer, songwriter and fashion design lecturer born and bred in Bandung. Her booklet expresses an interpretation of time in togetherness through musical activities, responding to our environment to create notes and lyrics that express our emotions.

Mushrooms, the City, You and I - Arekha Bentangan © Goethe-Institut Bandung

Jamur, Kota dan Kita - Arekha Bentangan

Arekha Bentangan is a researcher and co-founder of Mycotech, a start-up that focuses on developing different uses of mushrooms. Through Jamur, Kota dan Kita, he encourages readers to go out, roll up their sleeves and get on the ground to look for and observe the existence of this plant that is all around us, yet not always visible.

Cardboards, Papers, and One Simple Man - Misha Ahmad Azizia © Goethe-Institut Bandung

Kardus, Kertas dan Bapa yang Apa Adanya - Misha Ahmad Azizia

Misha Ahmad Azizia is a doll and costume-maker. His keen observation on how children are coping with the pandemic at home inspires him to create Kardus, Kertas, dan Bapa yang Apa Adanya, a journal that gives readers ideas about how to utilize everyday objects as toys and how parents can spend more time with their young ones.

Exploring Food Diversity - Reyza Ramadhan © Goethe-Institut Bandung

Telisik Ragam Pangan - Reyza Ramadhan

Through his work in the collective Parti Gastronomi, Rezya Ramadhan encounters an alternative source of carbohydrate during a research trip to Cireundeu, a traditional village where the villagers have been serving it up for a long time. The alternative carbohydrate? Cassava. Learn about his journey and enjoy his cassava-based recipes.

Der Standtort der Praxis von Facilitator

Pemetaan Kota Kita Nanti

The Facilitators

The Participants of the project Kota Kita Nanti

Interactive Exhibition in Bandung Design Biennale

Kota Kita Nanti - Exhibition © Goethe-Institut Bandung

Photo Galery: Kota Kita Nanti

Overview of Activities and Interaction to the interactive Exhibition Kota Kita Nanti in Bandung Design Biennale 2021.


Bandung Design Biennale

Bandung Design Biennale

POT Branding House

POT Branding House




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