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  • Manifesto


    For the first time in Indonesia! Discover the 20th century key artists’ manifestos through Julian Rosefeldt‘s film installation featuring Cate Blanchett as 13 different characters!

  • the last Ideal Paradise

    Performance and Installation

    A site-specific installation and performance on terrorism, territory, and political thinking by Claudia Bosse

  • Webinar: Marriage and Living with Family in Germany


    With Tri Rothbrust-Prasetyanti, an Indonesian married and living in Germany with family

  • Gamelan and the West

    GoetheHaus | Lecture and Discussion

    Contemporary Composition in an Intercultural Context

  • Digital Discourses: Privacy in the Age of Data Capitalism

    GoetheHaus | Conference

    Experts from Southeast Asia and Germany discuss data privacy in the digital realm and concepts of regulation.

  • How do I protect myself in the internet?

    GoetheHaus | Workshops and Trainings

    Basic knowledge about protecting privacy in the internet.

  • Queen of Niendorf

    Goethe-Institut Bandung | Film Screening

    Director: Joya Thome, Colour, 67 Min., 2016

  • Inside Out

    Komunitas Salihara | A Performative Dance Exhibition by Isabelle Schad

    Created by German choreographer Isabelle Schad, winner of the 2019 German Dance Prize. Performed by dancers from Europe and Southeast Asia.

  • Triggering Changes and Turmoil: Arts Manifesto in Indonesia

    GoetheHaus | Panel Discussion

    From the 1960s to the present! Manikebu, Gerakan Seni Rupa Baru, to Taring Padi – in collaboration with Museum MACAN