Yazan Mesmar

Yazan Mesmar

Jordan based artist and visual designer Yazan Mesmar, has been honing his skills in street and digital arts through the years for the purpose of carrying the local cultural identity in new forms of modern artistic expressions in hopes of inspiring and motivating people while leaving a lasting impression.
Using illustration visual language and bold colors merged with the local heritage and culture to form his style and explore new lines and compositions.
Instagram: @skyart_yzn.m

Zeina Azouqah Lorelay PR

Zeina Azouqah

Zeina Azouqah aka Zazuka is a composer/songwriter/sound-designer from Jordan based in Berlin whose music travels through various soundscapes, where genres cross-pollinate to result in fresh musical colours. In 2018 she co-founded the female composers collective track15 and in 2019 she released her first album entitled "zazuka" featuring her unique brand of global chamber pop and orchestral pieces. To date she has scored various award-winning short films and is currently working on the soundtrack for a full length feature.