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Critical Zones © Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan

Travelling Exhibition
Critical Zones

For a long time the reactions of Earth to our human actions remained unnoticed, and have now finally – not least due to recent international climate protests – moved into public consciousness. The exhibition project »Critical Zones« invites visitors to engage with the critical situation of the Earth in a novel and diverse way and to explore new modes of coexistence between all forms of life.

The Exhibition Tour

Mumbai_WT © Canva


Dates: 28 October - 18 December 2022

CZ_Mumbai_WT_2 © Canva


Dates: 11 - 27 November 2022

CZ_Pune_WT_2 © Canva


Dates: 18 November - 18 December 2022

CZ_Kolkata_WT © Canva


Touring in 2023

CZ_NewDelhi_WT © Canva

New Delhi

Touring in 2023

CZ_Bangalore_WT © Canva


Touring in 2023

Participating Artists

About the Project

Critical Zones. Observatories for Earthly Politics,  was conceived and exhibited at ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe (2020–2022) based on a concept by Bruno Latour and Peter Weibel. For the Goethe-Institut South Asia, a travelling adaption of Critical Zones titled Critical Zones. In Search of a Common Ground is co-produced by the ZKM | Karlsruhe, and the Goethe-Institut. It shows a selection of artistic positions and is complemented by further works from Indian and Sri Lankan artists. Mira Hirtz and Daria Mille are the curators of the exhibition at Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai.

The South Asia tour of the exhibition will begin in Mumbai on October 28, 2022. Further in association with the respective Goethe-Instituts, Critical Zones. In Search of a Common Ground will be exhibited in Colombo (opening on November 11) and Pune (opening on November 18) in 2022, followed by Kolkata, New Delhi and Bangalore in 2023.

The exhibition and its activation program have been adapted for the local audiences in close dialogue between the curators, art mediators and the Goethe-Institut. The core aim of the project is to investigate and address the Critical Zone at each station by making the conversation as locally relevant as possible, within the larger framework of the exhibition idea, hence each station will include further dialogues and co-creative moments to investigate and analyse what are the issues of importance for each particular location – its Critical Zone and its inhabitants.

Mira Hirtz © Mira Hirtz | photo: Karolina Sobel

Mira Hirtz

Mira Hirtz is a performance artist, art mediator, and art theorist basing her work on somatic practices. She explores the value of creativity for human beings and non-human beings in many different formats such as workshops, performances, video pieces, and texts. She worked as an art mediator at documenta14, co-curated the program series “How do we care?” at Badischer Kunstverein 2020 and co-curator of the touring exhibition “Critical Zones”, initiated by the ZKM | Karlsruhe, the Goethe-Institut South Asia, and Bruno Latour.

Diana Mille © Diana Mille

Daria Mille

Daria Mille is currently a curator and research associate at the ZKM | Center Art and Media Karlsruhe, Germany. Her research interests focus especially on the topics related to the intersection of art, science and technology (also from a historical perspective), cultural and artistic implications of digitization, artistic positions of the 1960s, and the contemporary art. Most recently she has been a member of the curatorial committee of the “Critical Zones. Observatories for Earthly Politics” exhibition.


ZKM © ZKM, Karslruhe (logo)

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