Theatre The Diary of Anne Frank by M. Safeer

The Diary of Anne Frank © Interact Art Theatre Group

Friday, 4th of March 2022

Elphinstone Theatre Maradana

State Drama Festival Final Round

An adaptation based on the world famous Diary of Anne Frank directed by M. Safeer, will be staged in both English and Sinhala languages at the Elfistine on March 4 at the Elphinstone Theatre in Maradana.

After eight years, M. Safeer directs a theatre production for Goethe Institut again. This time it’s not a drama based on a German script, but the second best read book in the world: The Diary of Anne Frank is brought to the Sri Lankan stage for the first time and the specialty is that it is produced in both Sinhala and English languages at the same time.

Excerpt from the Director's Note:
"As a Muslim, I saw through Anne Frank’s Diary the agony, the mental pressure and the unease the entire society under went after the recent Easter Sunday attack. Anne and the family went into hiding knowing of Hitter’s anti-Jewish arrogance. In the same way parents of this country did not send their children to schools. Did not go out to see a film or a drama nor loiter in public places. Went straight home after work and got caged in it. This is similar to be imprisoned. Everyone lived in fear and under tremendous pressure. We were, really like walking skeletons. What happened 70 years ago is repeating even today. Many inhuman acts are taking place based on ethnic, religious, cast, creed, power and the class. There seems to be no end to these acts. All of us are engaged in an unending war. We too feel the same things that Anne felt long time ago. Aren’t we? History repeats!"

Tickets (Rs. 200/-) can be purchased at the Elphinstone Theatre CITF Office (0773 129 749| 0757 235 727).