Talk How To Change A Running System

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Thursday, 17 November 2022 at 6 PM

Goethe-Institut Colombo

with Savera Weerasinghe & Chullaka Hapuarachchi

Most family businesses are embedded in a 'business as usual' mentality that perpetuates a status quo that needs transformation in order to better serve the living environment and the communities they function within .The journey to transition these businesses comes with a seemingly insurmountable set of challenges, that both Chullaka and Savera decided to take on. This talk will focus on the lessons learned on their journey to changing the course of traditional businesses to provide sustainable packaging, transform traditional mindsets and explore the responsibility of businesses, at the intersection of people and the planet, to be regenerative and in service to our living ecology.

Savera Weerasinghe is the founder and CEO of Ananta Sustainables, and implements community projects to reduce single-use plastic waste and consumption in Sri Lanka. 

Chullaka Hapuarachchi is an environmentalist and Founder of Eco 360. He is also the founder of the social recycling initiative "ecopoly recycling", intertwined with community-level plastic recycling.

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