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June - August 2019
Sarah Schoderer

Artist in Residence 2019 Sarah Schoderer
© Goethe-Institut Malaysia

Sarah Schoderer studied Fine Arts in Frankfurt am Main until 2011. 

Since then she has been working as a freelancer, implementing art projects in various countries i.e. Kenya, Belgium, Croatia, Tunisia and of course Germany. She mainly works in painting but also makes sculptures for film and out of paintings. She sees herself as a conceptual working artist with a strong focus on visual forms that reflects different aspects of contemporary society. In her previous works, she criticized the consumerism culture in the western society.

In 2013 she did a workshop entitled „Copying Africa – Contemporary art or cliche“ with members of the Kuona Trust, an art center in Nairobi, where she raised the question on how to distinguish between art and kitsch in the African art and craft context.

Mendekati Visual - Daily Little Prayers
This mixed media installation documents specific moments and experiences Sarah Schoderer has during her residency in Kuala Lumpur. She is particularly interested in getting to know the „typical forms“ of the Malaysian society. She tries to collect specific moments and impressions which can be described as her reflections of being here.
Her exhibition also seeks to react on some conflicts that modern societies always have:
for example the destruction of nature due to rapid development for a big city like Kuala Lumpur.
The photo documentation are then translated into a little screenplay of drawings on a Chinese silk paper roll that is shown more as a object with significance to her experience in KL as she witnessed the death of fishes in a river that belongs to a village nearby KL

Work of the artist

Work of Sarah Schoderer ©Goethe-Institut | Work of Sarah Schoderer