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August - October 2018
Maike Häusling

2017 Artist in Residence Maike Häusling
©Goethe-Institut Malaysia

Maike Häusling studied at the University of Art and Design in Offenbach (Germany) and is based in Frankfurt am Main.

She is working in the fields of installation, painting, video but is also collaborating with other artistic disciplines and expanded her workfileds to sounds and acoustics. Her main interests lay in the relationship between things and their surroundings, in constructing new contexts and in the critical analysis of means and forms.

During her stay in Kuala Lumpur, Maike Häusling got to know and experience new cultures and languages.

Her trip also turned into a journey of collecting sounds and architectural photographs as well as capturing the opposing sites of a city that is in the midst of a radical changing process. She was especially fascinated by the dense and convoluted architectural landscapes. She presented the details of this photographical cityscape accompanied by a sound collage by the Malaysian sound artist Goh Lee Kwang, creating a site-specific installation as part of her final presentation entitled “Can/Cannot” at the end of her residency. 

Work of the artist

Maike Häusling 2018 Work 1 ©Maike Häusling | Maike Häusling 2018 Work 1  

Maike Häusling Work 2018 ©Goethe-Institut Malaysia | Maike Häusling Work 2018