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October - December 2017
Seah Zelin

Artist in Residence 2017 Seah Zelin
© Poskod Malaysia

Seah Zelin is an artist acclaimed for his semi-abstract depictions of contemporary socio-economic phenomenons by adopting fragmented daily life space images, based in Kuala Lumpur. 

He also is interested in socio-economic processes and the Malaysian "Peranakan" culture. Zelin’s works are often more complicated than what can be captured by the eye. As his project, Zelin suggested an interconnected fragmented space, forming the hidden structures and laws of life.

Zelin concluded his residency at basis e.V. with an exhibition entitled “Willst du mit uns gehen?” where he focused on the structure of mobility, habitat and facade in a rapidly transforming city like Frankfurt. His painted quilts appeared like amorphous sculptures that could be moved, placed and activated into a proper shelter through the visitors’ interaction.

Work of the artist

Seah Zelin Work 2017 ©Seah Zelin | Seah Zelin Work 2017