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July - September 2017
Filippa Pettersson

Artist in Residence 2017 Filippa Pettersson

Filippa Pettersson was born in 1987 in Södermanland, Sweden and is living in Frankfurt am Main. 

From 2009 to 2015, she was a student of fine arts at the Städelschule. Since then, she has her own studio and  works in the fields of installation, sculpture, sound and performance. Her works are built on narrative structures, either by using already existing stories or by making them up on her own.

In her three-month residency at Lostgens’ she worked intensely on the Malaysian’s ghost culture and its meaning for the present and future. Based on her research and comprehensive interview material, she constructed puppet-like sculptures and presented them in her exhibition entitled “Maranundak”, a fictional ritual from an imaginative religion under construction.

Work of the artist

Filippa Pettersson Work 2017 ©Sumandak | Filippa Pettersson Work 2017

Filippa Pettersson Exhibition Poster
©Lostgens' | Filippa Pettersson Exhibition Poster