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Online Intensive 120: A1–B1

  • Online Group Courses © Goethe-Institut London/Sinah Grotefels, Heike Sinn
  • Online Group Courses - Testimonial © Goethe-Institut London
  • Online Group Courses © Goethe-Institut London/Sinah Grotefels, Heike Sinn
  • Online Group Courses - Testimonial © Goethe-Institut London
  • Online Group Courses © Goethe-Institut London/Foto: Sinah Grotefels, Fiona Hart
  • Online Group Courses - Testimonial © Goethe-Institut London/Sinah Grotefels, Heike Sinn

You think online learning is not for you? Try this one!


► Fast progression: 1 level in 8 weeks
​► 30 interactive group live sessions just like in the classroom
​► 7-8 hours per week of flexible studying on our learning platform
​► Guided study times and intensive support by your personal tutor
​► Small groups with a max. of 12 students
​► Ideal if you want to study or work in Germany

120 teaching units of 45min + 15 x 90min Guided Study Time 
► 30 online live sessions of 90min in ZOOM 
►60-hour units tutored online course on the Goethe-Institut’s learning platform,  
►MCO special: additional 15 x 90min Guided Study Time in ZOOM 

The Online Intensive 120 course is one of the most innovative and versatile German courses in the Goethe-Institut’s portfolio. It is a blend of 30 group live sessions with your tutor and a 60-hour online course on our learning platform. Both elements are closely interlinked allowing a rapid learning progression.
  1. Online live sessions will provide the opportunity to practice your speaking skills and interact with the other students on your course.
  2. You will work with an interactive learning programme. You will practice reading, writing, speaking and listening to the German language using professional study materials and the latest learning methods. You will cooperate with the other course participants on various group exercises on the Goethe-Institut’s learning platform.
  3. Your tutor will coach you throughout the course and provide guided study times on the learning platform to make you familiar with online learning; the tutor will provide feedback and individual learning tips regularly. All tutors are qualified German teachers and you can reach out to them anytime in case you have questions.

As long as you have created a account for free on our website, you gain free access to our eLibrary (Onleihe). Furthermore, the Goethe-Institut provides a number of applications free of charge, e.g. our community platform Deutsch-für-Dich where you can practice your German with Goethe students worldwide, as well as access numerous apps and games.

You can book the online group course at the following levels: A1, A2, B1
  • Mac, iPad, Tablet, PC or Laptop
  • Headset with microphone
  • Stable internet connection, in case of Wi-Fi with sufficient bandwidth, specifically for the virtual live sessions
Please check here if your internet connection is sufficient:
>>Speed-test for DEUTSCH ONLINE


The courses at levels A1 and A1.1 do not require any previous knowledge. If you are interested in a course at a higher level and you have not yet studied German at a Goethe-Institut, your last course at a Goethe-Institut finished over six months ago or your Goethe-Zertifikat has exceeded six months from the examination date, we will conduct a placement test to dertermine a suitable level for you.


Our written placement test can be completed online, protected by a password. Please write to:

Your details will only be used once for sending you the password, and they will be deleted afterwards. We will email you the link to the online placement test together with a password which is only to be used by yourself. You can use your personal password only once. The results will be transferred to us for evaluation automatically. Our language office will contact you soon thereafter by email or by phone in order to schedule a date and time for your oral placement test. Your oral placement test will take place by phone. Our language office will inform you afterwards by email about the result of your placement test.

An intensive course covering one complete level takes 8 weeks and requires the investment of about 7-8 hours of individual study on the learning platform per week.

A certain amount of self-discipline and regular studying is required to complete the tasks successfully, to benefit from the questions and answers in the forum, to revise certain content within a particular time period, where necessary, and to prepare the virtual live sessions in a proper way. However, the guided study times will help you to become quickly familiar with an autonomous learning style which will help you to progress quickly.

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