Individual courses

Learn German at your own pace – simple and effective

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Illustration:  Kursleiterin wirft Teilnehmenden passende Lösung zu.
  • only you and your tutor
  • as long as you wish
  • focus on your own goals

For your individual needs

How you learn German is determined by very individual aspects: previous knowledge, learning speed, available time, and your goals. That is why we offer Individual Courses.
Learn with your tutor to reach the next level. No matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner: you have the choice of how and when you learn German.

  • Level

  • Start

  • Duration

  • Hours per week
    according to your availability

  • Total scope
    from 20 teaching units

  • Participants
    only you and your tutor

  • Price
    350 NAD per 45 minutes

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