Professional development in Namibia

At the Dieter Esslinger Teachers' Conference at the Out of Africa Lodge in Otjiwarongo from 01.04.-03.04.2022 teachers from all over Namibia met in different lectures and working groups. The teachers' conference takes place annually as an in-service training for teachers at German-speaking schools and for teachers of German as a foreign language.


The programme is managed by Mrs Corinna Burth at the Goethe-Institut Namibia.

Topics ranged from the future integration of astronomy into school lessons through a mobile planetarium in Namibia to a dog in the classroom that promotes learning. Also, topics such as using an Escape Room for learning in schools or information on how to attend university as young as 8 years old, among other interesting workshops, offered a progressive glimpse into the possible world of tomorrow's school. A workshop on the dangers of Internet sex addiction and the consumption of pornography among students dealt with a very serious topic. The organizers, the AGDS, the Goethe-Institut Namibia and the UNAM succeeded in offering a very diverse program for the innovative development of teaching in Namibian schools.
Since the way to learn is through the stomach, the Out of Africa Lodge in Otjiwarongo provided the culinary framework for a successful training weekend. All participants were unanimous in their conclusion: motivating, enriching, inspiring. We touch the future. We teach.