Language in/and Motion
Learning German by playing Handball

A group of kids play handball © Das Kiwihandball Projekt

A fun way of learning and teaching German in New Zealands schools. This CLIL approach aims to combine physical movement and the sport of handball to awaken kids’ interest in German and the German culture.

Handball is a popular and reputable Olympic sport that is still relatively unknown in New Zealand. The fact that it is unknown helps us awaken the children's curiosity. When exploring the world of Handball, we unpack many sides of the German culture and learn about Germany. We also learn about the game and the logistics behind Handball as well.

Logo Kiwihandball Projekt © Das Kiwihandball-Projekt This project is about 'learning by doing'. Learning a language by doing activities. It involves reading and writing, learning to plan and to communicate instructions. Students will understand and remember words and phrases all because they are related to the Handball context. Learners will experience a team spirit and that their creative and physical output all contributes towards that team's common goal, to play Handball! The team of Kiwihandball.NZ is happy to support your learning of German at your school.

CLIL = Content Language Integrated Learning 

CLIL is an abbreviation referring to an educational approach in which language and subject content are learnt together. In the case of CLIL in German (CLILiG), German language learning is combined with content from other subjects - in our case learning a new sport: Handball. 

Bilingual learning creates new possibilities

CLIL offers a genuine bilingual learning experience and is the optimal setting for second language acquisition. Students acquire new language skills and apply them directly to the subject. This creates new opportunities, for example, to study, work or live in Germany.

Partnership with the New Zealand Handball Federation

Logo New Zealand Handball Federation © NZHF The Goethe-Institut is delighted to announce the signing of a strategic partnership agreement with New Zealand Handball Federation. We have been working with NZHF for several months now with the roll-out of Das Kiwi Handball Projekt in Schools last year, co-ordinated by Frank Stoltenberg.

The New Zealand Handball Federation is an incorporated society to ensure that handball grows to its full potential they have developed a strategic plan that outlines vision, purpose and values. With handball originating in Germany more than 100 years ago, an alliance between the Goethe-Institut and NZHF is a perfect match, and we look forward to building on the relationship for the mutual benefit of both organisations.


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