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Learn German.

View of a table from above. Two laptops, two coffee cups, two glasses of orange juice, notebooks are on the table. One person is taking notes, one is typing into a laptop.
  • Accessible and flexible
  • Independent learning with the learning platform
  • Live sessions with a teacher
  • Group and individual courses

Our courses were designed with you in mind: personal, flexible and adhering to the highest standards. No matter if you are at a beginner's level or more advanced, which aspect of your German you'd like to improve, or how you would like to organise your study time – our portfolio will have the right course for you.

Our course offer

German Course Online

  • Live sessions with your group and teacher
  • 10 weeks
  • 22,5 hours in total
for level B2 and C1

German Course Online with Platform

  • 40% online group sessions + 60% self-directed online study)
  • 1 "Online Live" Group Session (1,25 hours) + approx. 2h self-directed online study
  • 10 Weeks

Intensive Online German Course

  • 2 modules in 12 weeks
  • 1 online live session per week (3 hours)
  • 36 hours total

German Course Online Conversation

  • Deepen your language skills
  • Various topics
  • Learn in a group

Online Individual German Course

  • as long as you like
  • as often as you like
  • as intensive as you like

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How the course works

Learning platform
Learn individually through varied and authentic tasks on our learning platform - simply, flexibly, individually and with top-quality materials.

Support from the teacher
Your teacher gives you writing and speaking assignments as well as individual feedback.

Online live lessons
You meet your teacher and your group every 2 weeks in a virtual classroom. The live sessions take place in Adobe Connect or Zoom. You choose the meeting dates.
Group and learner with notebook

Important questions regarding the current situation

Questions? 12 noon - 6 pm: + 64 21 829 027 We‘re here to help: german.wellington@goethe.de