Events and Competitions

Conference for Teachers of German in New Zealand 2019

Teachers of German

Saturday 6th July 11am to Monday 8th July 4pm
Goethe-Institut, 6th floor, Goethe-Institut-Haus, 150 Cuba St. entrance Garrett St., Wellington 6011

The biennial conference for teachers of German in New Zealand brings teachers from all parts of the country together in a German speaking environment to explore cultural developments and pedagogy.

Activating pupils is one of the most important – and sometimes most difficult – challenges any teacher faces. The Goethe-Institut Neuseeland has therefore put together a series of cultural events and competitions designed to help you motivate your pupils and to make learning German more fun.


“Autobahn” is an informative, interactive station game that provides many impressions and facts about the German-speaking countries, their culture and products. It's the perfect motivational game for students who are about to choose a foreign language, for beginners who are already learning German and even for parents.

13 interesting stations are set up in a large hall and surrounding corridors in which students solve puzzles, complete orders and independently acquire facts. There is lots to see, smell, laugh at and students also speak German, even without prior knowledge!

The game is suitable for up to 80 students, with students working in small groups. The game takes about 2 hours including an awards ceremony at the end. It is a fair competition and the groups can see the current score at any time. In the end, the winner is whoever has solved the tasks correctly and traveled the longest distance on the “Autobahn”.