Rainbow Project

  • Āniwaniwa - We stay home 1 © Alexandra Töniges
  • Āniwaniwa - We stay home 2 © Alexandra Töniges

Āniwaniwa - We stay home

Be a rainbow maker! Let’s create a giant rainbow together - from one end of the world to the other.

Download the picture. 
Colour in the picture.
Put it up on your window so that other people can see your rainbow
when they go for a walk past your house.
Take a picture of your rainbow and send it to us: 

The rainbows create a bridge across the world - from New Zealand to Germany!

In case you can't print at home - feel free to create your own rainbow!

Āniwaniwa - We stay home

Other ideas for the Rainbow Project

Design your own rainbow card. Write in your card about things that you have been doing lately. Share how you are feeling at the moment. Have you got any good ideas for not to feel totally bored? 

Rainbow postcard
Create your own poem. What words or emotions come to your mind when you think of a rainbow? Create a new word out of the word rainbow. Come up with your own acrostic!

Rainbow poetry
Draw one or several rainbows in your gate way and write a  message! You can take a picture of it and send it to us! 

Draw a rainbow on your gate way
Your kitchen is the center of the rainbow-universe. Let’s produce rainbow cookies! Or – if you prefer - make a rainbow cake or your favourite rainbow cup-cakes.  If you are short of flour you could also use oats! Design your cookies with many beautiful rainbows! Share your pictures with us! Have you got any favourite recipes you would like to share? 

Bake some rainbow cookies!
Some rainbow songs! Do you know more rainbow songs? Let us know!  
Create your own rainbow song!

Rainbow song