Screening: From Morn to Midnight

So, 01.09.2019

Samsung Hall, SM Aura Premier

ISFF Germany Film Screening

The Goethe-Institut Philippinen is inviting you to the screening of the German film, From Morn to Midnight (Von Morgens bis Mitternachts) at the 13th International Silent Film Festival Manila. There will be live musical accompaniment by the band Anima Tierra. Catch it for FREE this September 01, 2019, 4:00 PM, at Samsung Hall, SM Aura Premier!
ISFF- From Morn to Midnight
© Goethe-Institut Philippinen

About the Film

  • Von Morgens bis Mitternachts (Filmmuseum)_01 © Filmmuseum
  • Von Morgens bis Mitternachts (Filmmuseum)_02 © Filmmuseum
  • Von Morgens bis Mitternachts (Filmmuseum)_03 © Filmmuseum
  • Von Morgens bis Mitternachts (Filmmuseum)_04 © Filmmuseum

A cashier in a small bank gives in to the power of money by stealing from a rich old lady. This film is adapted from the Expressionist theatre play by Georg Kaiser.

Director Karlheinz Martin’s adaptation transfers Kaiser’s play into an Expressionist film of radical stylization. The German film industry was so irritated by the result that the film never found distribution and was never shown in German cinemas. The only existing print of this classic survived in Japan where the film received a cinema release and was preserved by the National Film Center. The Munich Filmmuseum restored the film and added two scores transferring the visual avant-garde concept of the film into a musical structure.

About the Musician

  • Anima Tierra-1 © Anima Tierra
  • Anima Tierra-2 © Anima Tierra

Anima Tierra is a power world music collective driven by earth-shaking percussive beats and enchanting vocals inspired by traditional music from all over the world. Along with their passion, Anima Tierra members bring in unique flavours of musicality and persona that together create an energetic and pulsating vibe. They channel Earth‘s emotions: her joys and laughter, sorrows and anger, her hopes, fears, and love. Intricately intertwined, methodically woven, their music made a medium for Gaia‘s sentiments.