Coming Together : An Exhibition

HUB Make Lab X Goethe Residency Presentation Hub Make Lab

Sat, 30.11.2019

1:00 PM

Hub Make Lab

HUB Make Lab X Goethe Residency Presentation

This HUB Make Lab X Goethe Residency Presentation will showcase the coming together of Eliz Ting and Sophia Guggenberger. During the period of one month this November, a space at the HUB Make Lab in Escolta was occupied and gradually filled with experiments and conversations on the topic of crafting with water hyacinth, a material that is prolific all over Laguna de Bay. From practical aspects of working with the material, the traditional weaving methods and its possible application, conversations of how craft and the communities working with it can exist and be supported, to the possibilities of communicating the potential of these specific knowledges, an ongoing conversation has gradually developed.

Coming Together : An Exhibition by Sophia Guggenberger & Eliz Ting

November 30, 2019 | Saturday | 1PM
HUB Make Lab
Ground Floor, First United Building,
413 Escolta St.
Binondo, Manila, Philippines

About the Participants

Sophia Guggenberger is a designer/maker continuously working on developing alternative strategies for the production of footwear. She is researching not only the technical aspects of these specific processes but also the wider implications of employing different production methods; mixing craft, industrial strategies as well as digital fabrication. The main aspect of these explorations is the step beyond a specific context of production/working/culture to blur the lines and create a cross border conversation between them. Currently, she is investigating how processes, occupations, ideas can be communicated and developed. How can knowledge, expertise, production, be brought out into an open, making it possible to be shared, talked about and engaged with?

Sophia Guggenberger, born in Vienna, studied a BA in Cordwainers Footwear: Product Design and Development, after an education in Fashion and Clothing Technology. After her studies, she worked for the footwear company Camper as a designer in Spain for 3 years, before moving to Berlin to study a Master at the University of the Arts Berlin. Since 2016 she is developing independent research on the production of footwear and has initiated the project AnOtherShoe together with product designer Eugenia Morpurgo.


Eliz Ting, a partner at the shop Kahilom, runs Indayog PH sources their water hyacinth materials from patches of the Laguna de Bay located south of Metro Manila. She engages the women from local communities in the province of Laguna as a way to help them sustain their livelihood or supplement their income. All her products are handcrafted and her bags are especially popular with its varieties in shapes and sizes, from mini sling bags to backpacks. Eliz graduated from the Ateneo de Manila University with a Bachelors's Degree in Psychology and currently finishing her Master's Degree in Environmental Science at the University of the Philippines.⁣⁣

About our partner

The HUB Make Lab is an artist and maker-led experiment in arts, cultural programming, community activation, and creative sustainability supported by the First United Building. It is recognized as one of the pioneering creative hubs in the Philippines. Started in 2016 as a project of 98B COLLABoratory and the First United Building, it has graduated in December 2018 into its own organization serving its creative, geographic, and action-oriented communities.