Online Seminar Intercultural Seminar for Philippine Health Care Professionals Bound for Germany

Intercultural Seminar © Colourbox

Fri, 29.10.2021

This seminar forms part of the Asylum, Migration and lntegration Fund (AMIF) project and is aimed at Philippine health care professionals who will travel to Germany for work. The seminar focuses on intercultural issues health care professionals are confronted with when they live and work in Germany. They involve different communication styles and different concepts of work in the health care sector, of time or of public and private spheres. 

Through activities and discussions, the participants learn what can trigger critical situations and how they can be handled. The aim is for the Philippine health care professionals to better understand their working environment in Germany.


This series of online seminars is part of the Asylum, Migration and lntegration Fund (AMIF) project.

The seminar is FREE and will be conducted through Zoom. Slots are limited.
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