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German courses for individuals and small groups

Learn intensively with all the flexibility you desire

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  • Learn at your own pace
  • Flexible schedule
  • Optimal support

Learn German - whenever and wherever you like

Individual and small group courses offer you the flexibility to choose time, frequency and content to suit your specific requirements and achieve your personal objective.
We are happy to put together a suitable course programme for you.
  • Level
    A1 – C1

  • Start

  • Duration

  • Hours per week

  • Total scope
    7.5 hours minimum

  • Participants
    Individual: 1, Small group: 1-3

  • Price
    Individual: S$ 142/45 min, Small group: S$ 156/45 min


Having difficulty imagining what it would be like to take one of our courses? Try out our learning platform for beginners and advanced learners, free and without obligation.
Introduction © Goethe-Institut

Trial Chapter A1 Start Hallo, wie geht's?

Learn the different daytimes, how to greet someone in German and how to introduce yourself.

Grocery shopping © Goethe-Institut

Trial Chapter A1 Beginners Grocery Shopping

Learn words about food and drink and how to express quantities when out shopping.

At the Restaurant © Goethe-Institut

Trial Chapter A2 At the Restaurant

Learn how to order in the restaurant, how to ask for the bill and how to tip.