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  • Extensive, Intensive and Superintensive
  • Blended Learning and Online Live Courses
  • learn flexibly
  • personal support from your tutor

Courses tailor-made just for you: individualized, flexible,
and at the highest quality standards. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced learner; what skills you want to work on; or how much time you have -- we have the right course offering for you. 

Our courses

Online Live Courses

  • 100% learning in live sessions with your tutor
  • interactive group excersises
  • from the comfort of your home

Blended Learning

  • 60% exchange with your tutor and the group
  • 40% of learning individually using our online platform
  • intensive support from your reacher
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Digital Individual Course

  • for your individual needs
  • you choose the topics
  • one-on-one support

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