German Dual Language Programs

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In the past decade we have been witnessing a rising interest in bilingual education among parents and education administrators and, as a result, a significant increase of bilingual programs in public, private and charter schools across the country. The project “German Dual Language Programs” was born out of a clear need to provide a central informational portal and a meeting point for everyone involved in establishing or running German immersion programs as part of formal educational system in the U.S.

The current website addresses three distinct groups of stakeholders -- school administrators, parents, and teachers. We also invite teachers and principals to enter their German dual language program in the school directory and establish contacts to other programs, both decades-old and brand new.

Teachers and experts talk about dual language education

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Norman Sieweke, curriculum consultant, Edmonton public schools

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Elizabeth Lawrence-Baez, teacher, Deerfield Elementary school

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Christopher Barr, Principal, Rilke Schule

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Janelle Pfaller, teacher, Miwaukee School of Languages