Why learn German?

1. Find Friends

We love multilingualism! The more languages you speak, the more people you will get to know! A total of 130 million people speak German. This means that German is one of the ten most commonly spoken languages in the world. With this language you will find friends worldwide!

10 Reasons to Learn German: Find Friends © Goethe-Institut

2. Tourism

Every year 340 000 German tourists travel to South Africa. Learn German and work in an attractive job in tourism.

10 Reasons to Learn German: Tourism © Goethe-Institut

3. Studies and research in Germany

Engineering, medicine or philosophy – Germany is a popular country for studying. A German university degree is of a high quality and is appreciated by employers worldwide. By the way, in Germany there are no tuition fees at most universities, no matter where you come from.

10 Reasons to Learn German: Studies and Research in Germany ©´Goethe-Institut Johannesburg

4. Listen to music in the German language

German is the language of Goethe, Mozart and Beethoven, but also German hip-hop, urban pop and German-rap are very popular. When you listen to German music, you will realize how beautiful the German language can sound.

10 Reasons to Learn German: Listen to music in the German language © Goethe-Institut

5. Pursue a career

With a trade volume of 17 billion euros p.a., Germany is South Africa’s largest and most important trading partner within the EU. In South Africa, 600 German companies are employing more than 90 000 people. Good knowledge of German will increase your chances of pursuing a career in South Africa or elsewhere in the world.

10 Reasons to Learn German - Pursue a Career © Goethe-Institut

10 Reasons to Learn German - Scholarships © Goethe-Institut

7. Vocational training in Germany

Are you interested in working for a German company or a German business some day? The dual training-system in Germany is a good opportunity for you to learn an interesting profession with a practical orientation. www.goethe.de/voca

10 Reasons to Learn German - Vocational Training in Germany © Goethe-Institut

8. Experience Germany

Learning German means to get an insight into the life, the wishes and the dreams of the people in German-speaking countries with their multicultural society. Experience Germany for one year: www.bamf.de/EN -> Migration and residence -> Immigrants from third countries -> Work -> Au pair work, internships & voluntary service

10 Reasons to Learn German - Experience Germany © Goethe-Institut

9. Easier than you think

German is not as difficult as you might think. Many German words are related to English or have migrated into other languages.

10 Reasons to Learn German - Learning germany is easier than you think © Goethe-Institut

10. German is fun

The projects you can do at your school or university with German are exciting and fun. Every year, the Goethe-Institut offers new projects and competitions in which attractive prizes can be won.

10 Reasons to Learn German - German is Fun! © Goethe-Institut

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