"Untitled 2" von 1010© 1010, Foto: Aim Pé
Dots, dashes, lines, curves, planes, cubes, trapezoids. Abstract art is found equally on the street and in galleries. It touches the viewer in its own way and can give a new context to the environment or enrich it with an aesthetic facet. Therefore, cheers to the non-objective art of the street, to which this series is dedicated.
“Untitled” by Jason Woodside
© Jason Woodside, Photo: Sarah Schmidt
“Untitled 2” by 1010
© 1010, Photo: Aim Pé
“Untitled” by KETS
© KETS, Photo: Lord Jim
“Concrete Jungle” by Futura
© Futura, Photo: Luna Park
Hall of Fame, Mauerpark – different artists
Photo (detail): © Karo Krämer