"Pedego Bikeshop Cat" by Elise Ketch

„Pedego Bikeshop“ von Elise Ketch© Elise Ketch, Photo: Mike Maguire
A frequently discussed question among cat experts is their proverbial stubbornness. In this graffiti by Elise Ketch, a cat turns its back on the viewer and sticks out its tongue, presumably a reference to the often difficult-to-understand grace of four-legged creatures. We would like to point out how elegantly the color coordination between the e-bike store and the mural has succeeded: orange and turquoise tones match wonderfully. But whether the operator of the store (and presumably also the client of the work) would have wished for a more polite heraldic animal? That's what you get, with a cat you never know what the mood will be in the next moment.

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