M. Chat© M. Chat, Photo: Luna Park
Cats are pop culture, no question about it. No Twitter feed without a conciliatory four-legged timeline cleanser and Instagram would make no sense at all without them. We in the Artbits editorial team are now also trying to profit from the enormous popularity of the stubborn animals. Keyword positive image transfer. The choice of this subject was easy. Because street artists have long jumped on the cat bandwagon, beautiful motifs were not hard to find. So here is our overview with works from Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Mexico and New York.
„Pedego Bikeshop“ von Elise Ketch
© Elise Ketch, Photo: Mike Maguire
„Feed Me“ von Praxis
© Praxis, Photo: Luna Park
„Bronx Zoo“ von Banksy
© Banksy, Photo: Luna Park
"Luna Park" von C215
© C215, Photo: Lunapark
M. Chat
© M. Chat, Photo: Luna Park
„Catwoman“ von M65
© M65, Photo: Lord Jim
„Berlin Cats“ von Bicicleta Sem Freio
© Bicicleta Sem Freio, Foto: Lord Jim
„Cat“ by Cat Cult
© Cat Cult, Photo: Lord Jim
Low Bros
© Low Bros, Photo: Lord Jim
Lesende Katze von Maldita Carmen und Erre
© Maldita Carmen & Erre, Photo: María Paula Laguna
Cat Baby, unknown artist
© unknown, Photo: Luna Park