"Catwoman" by M65

„Catwoman“ von M65© M65, Photo: Lord Jim
This collage by M65 shows a photo of a person dressed as Catwoman, a comic book character from the US publisher DC Comics. She appears in Batman and is considered both one of his most interesting antagonists and a possible partner. It is complicated with the two. Catwoman was already introduced in 1940. In 1954, however, the Association of Comics Magazine Publishers created the Comics Code Authority (CCA) to repair comics' reputation as violent trash. Excessive depictions of violence, as well as sexual innuendo, were banned under this code. Since in the case of Catwoman they weren't so sure whether she might not seem a little too sexy ("Meow!"), that was it for her for now. It wasn't until 1966 that they dared to tackle this complex figure again.

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