Reading cat by Maldita Carmen and Erre

Lesende Katze von Maldita Carmen und Erre© Maldita Carmen & Erre, Photo: María Paula Laguna
We don't know what she's reading, but whenever you walk past her, the punk cat looks up slightly defiant. Even if you wouldn't look her in the eye, the inscription next to her says more than a thousand words: "Stop reading my mind". Be warned.

This graffiti by Maldita Carmen and Erre is located on Calle Progreso, in the centrally located Colonia Escandón. The collaboration of these two artists - the former Mexican, the latter Colombian - is really only a logical consequence, as both challenge female stereotypes in their works.  

We don't know what the cat is reading, but we can assume explosive reading material. Just recently, a passerby spontaneously decided to give the book a title with a regular pen: Satan.

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