Pablo Nunez Palma

Pablo Núñez Palma © Third Eye Media Pablo Núñez Palma is a Chilean/Dutch filmmaker, scriptwriter and multimedia storyteller based in Amsterdam. His work, both artistic and commercial, is devoted to raising human consciousness, spiritual growth and to promote the use of imagination for the construction of better futures. 

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My favourite AI in culture project at the moment is… Jan Bot.

By 2030 I would like to have an AI app which… protects my internal forum from other AIs that will be trying to hijack my thoughts and beliefs in order to behave in ways that make me instrumental to the commercial and political benefit of a few.

My worst AI nightmare is… that AI takes over the financial and real estate sector in incomprehensible ways for humans. This is not as dystopian as other less probable nightmares. AI has already taken over financial markets in this way for short periods of time and early science fiction, like EM Foster’s The Machine Stops, has already sketched scenarios that don’t look too different from reality today.

The future of AI needs… better philosophers, better humanists, better artists and a more cosmocentric understanding of the world. Because if we stick to anthropocentrism we will be doomed to self-extinction.

Pablo Nunez Palma's contribution: "Embracing the algorithmic mindset"