Goetz Richter

Dr. Goetz Richter AM © supplied Dr. Goetz Richter AM is a musician and philosopher working at the University of Sydney’s Conservatorium of Music where he teaches violin performance, chamber music and ensemble performance and courses in the methodology of teaching and the philosophy of music. As a violinist he has performed internationally and has also published articles on philosophy and the philosophy of music.

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My favourite AI in culture project at the moment is… the composer Emily Howell.

By 2030 I would like to have an AI app which… allows the detection of difference between algorithmic compositions and human creations.

My worst AI nightmare is… the obliteration of difference between algorithmic intelligence and human consciousness.

The future of AI needs… to work with a clearer philosophical understanding of the difference between consciousness and intelligence to remove conceptual confusion in the face of complexity.

Goetz Richter's contribution: "AI music’s appearance of originality"