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The Peter Principle
© Laura Laakso
Cognitive dissonance
Illustration: © Atelier 10
Trail mix with scoop
Photo (detail): Marcos Paulo Prado © Unsplash

What’s in Your Trail Mix?

Kate Sammer and Savannah Beck

A mouth with one round and one jagged speech bubble
Illustration: Tobias Schrank © Goethe-Institut e. V.
Tromper les experts: mode d’emploi
Illustration: © Amélie Tourangeau
Man doing a plank and using laptop at home
Photo (detail): William Perugini © picture alliance / Westend61
Illustration (Detail): © Priya Kuriyan
Indians have a skewed sense of time. They’re perpetually late, even to their own parties.
Photo (detail): Icons8 Team © Unsplash
Diese Briefmarke mit dem Bild von Audrey Hepburn wurde am Auktionshaus Gärtner in Bietigheim-Bissingen am 22. Juni 2017 für 150.060 Euro versteigert.
Photo (detail): Auktionshaus Gärtner © picture alliance
Failure as the motive behind the association: Piotr Mordel and Adam Gusowski from the Club of Polish Failure
Photo: © Darek Gontarski
Business people holing construction plan
Photo (detail): photo agency WESTEND61 © picture alliance
English of India
Photo (detail): © knowledge must 2010
Crop of Marvel Comics “The Incredible Hulk” # 376, "Personality Conflict"
Photo: © Grand Comics Database™ | CC BY-SA 4.0

Happy Accidents

Erfindungen Top 10
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A product that nobody needed
Illustration: © Amélie Tourangeau
The Invention of Mauveine
Illustration: © Amélie Tourangeau
This Cube sugar monument stands in the Czech town of Dačice.
Photo (detail): Marie Kučerová © Stadtmuseum Dačice

The sugar cube
From Round to Square

Lucie Pantazopoulou Drahoňovská