Warning: Dangerously thought-provoking!

Ambulance driving
Photo (detail): Jonnica Hill © Unsplash

911 Misdials: A Mini-Case Study

Kate Sammer and Savannah Beck

There was life in the old dog yet! At the time this picture was taken in 1990, Nelson Mandela should have been dead a long time before, if we rely on the memories of many of his contemporaries. His supposed passing away is the inspiration for the phenomenon of collective false memories - the Mandela effect.
Photo (detail): empics © picture alliance / dpa
Stone arch bridge over a stream
Photo (detail): lianem © picture alliance / Shotshop
Mistakes Proverbs
Graphic: Dominik Wendland © Goethe-Institut New Delhi
The climate deadlock
Illustration: © Amélie Tourangeau
Illustration: © Amélie Tourangeau
A slide showing the history of Biochemistry located within the Schlosslabor museum
Photo (detail): © MUT Tübingen
Machine learning
Illustration: © Amélie Tourangeau
Man and virus
Photo (detail): Gangis Khan © Colourbox.de
Rachel Maclean, Make Me Up, 2018 (digital video still).Commissioned by BBC, Creative Scotland, 14-18 Now, Hopscotch Films and NVA.
Photo: Courtesy of the artist © Rachel Maclean
Error as inspiration
Photo (detail): © Colourbox
Installation view of the exhibition, "Artist's Choice: Jérôme Bel/MoMA DanceCompany." October 27, 2016-October 31, 2016. The Museum of Modern Art, NewYork. Photographer: Julieta Cervantes.
Photo: The Museum of Modern Art © SCALA / ArtResource, NY
DJ Vladimir Ivkovic
Photo (detail): Julia Mayorova © Hitsville
Graffiti buffed with light green colorfields behind a redwood fence
Photo; © Lord Jim
The fundamental attribution error describes the tendency to place greater weight on personal factors than on social or contextual circumstances when evaluating a person.
Illustration: © Amélie Tourangeau

Contributions from “Das Wetter”

Teenage Fantasy 2000: A Live Online Reading
Graphic: Das Wetter
Bob - Digital Painting by T.Olbrich
Photo © T.Olbrich
Steve-O Tattoo on Steve-O’s back
Photo: © Inkedmag.com

The Satanic School

Leonhard Hieronymi

Staying with the trouble - Illustration by Maria Krafft
Photo: © Maria Krafft
A lion in his cage
Photo (detail): © Christian Werner