Easily Digestible

© Sanyam Bajay | Goethe-Institut Delhi
multi-disciplinary artist Masoom Parmar
Photo (detail): © Masoom Parmar
The “Octochamps” of the 92nd Scripps National Spelling Bee pose with their trophy
Photo: D3S_6985 by ScrippsBee © flickr.com | CC BY-NC 2.0
Den Teufel an die Wand werfen (lit. to throw the devil against the wall).
Photo (detail): © Florian Steffens

Mixed-up Idioms
On the Wrong Track

Florian Steffens and Sarah Klein

Language Mistakes
Illustration: © Olivia Vieweg

Language Mistakes
Oh Heavenly Berry

Olivia Vieweg and Savannah Beck

Untertitel Panne beim der Österreichischen Regierungsantritt
Screenshots: © Flo P Schmidt
Knitting Explosion
Photo (detail): Giulia Bertelli © Unsplash
Sign with the inscription “Safety is pleasure”, Sangam, Arunachal Pradesh, India
Photo (detail): Frank Bienewald © picture alliance / imageBROKER
Samuel Beckett, 1977
Photo: Roger Pic © Public Domain
Word cloud
Illustration (detail): © Kitty Kahane

Happy Accidents

Museum Of Failure
Photo: Jake Ahles © Museum of Failure
Sourdough – discovered by accident
Photo (detail): Aphra Adkins @ stilllifewithcake

Culinary Mistakes
Iconic Foods – By Accident

Aphra Adkins and Natalie Wichmann

City Life

Every year, the city of Montreal repairs nearly 200,000 potholes
Photo (detail): Martin Huber © picture alliance / picturedesk.com
Dehli: warning of a penalty for littering
Photo (detail): © Sanyam Bajaj