Easily Digestible

Exterior view of a pink illuminated cinema.
Foto (Detail): © Unsplash/ Myke Simon

Chat Debate
“I think mistakes are divine”

Tom DiCillo, Hal Hartley, and Andreas Ströhl

Den Teufel an die Wand werfen (lit. to throw the devil against the wall).
Photo (detail): © Florian Steffens

Mixed-up Idioms
On the Wrong Track

Florian Steffens and Sarah Klein

Language Mistakes
Illustration: © Olivia Vieweg

Language Mistakes
Oh Heavenly Berry

Olivia Vieweg and Savannah Beck

Untertitel Panne beim der Österreichischen Regierungsantritt
©Screenshots: Flo P Schmidt
Knitting Explosion
Photo (Detail): Giulia Bertelli © Unsplash
Pub scene
Photo (detail): © Zach Kadolph/Unsplash
Sign with the inscription “Safety is pleasure”, Sangam, Arunachal Pradesh, India
Photo (detail): Frank Bienewald © picture alliance / imageBROKER
Samuel Beckett, 1977
Photo: Roger Pic / Public Domain
Word cloud
Illustration (detail): © Kitty Kahane

City Life

Every year, the city of Montreal repairs nearly 200,000 potholes
Photo (detail): Martin Huber © picture alliance / picturedesk.com
Dehli: warning of a penalty for littering
Photo (detail): © Sanyam Bajaj

Happy Accidents

Museum Of Failure
Photo: Jake Ahles © Museum of Failure
Sourdough – discovered by accident
Photo (detail): Aphra Adkins @ stilllifewithcake

Culinary Mistakes
Iconic Foods – By Accident

Aphra Adkins and Natalie Wichmann