Impersonal technology
Sorry, Wrong Number!

A broken phone Photo: Ashkan Forouzani / Unsplash

Who hasn’t inadvertently pocket dialed someone? Smartphones are ubiquitous, and so are the phone foibles of the digital age. Jocelyn Robinson tells personal stories about an impersonal technology – one that is rife with mistakes, yet one we can’t do without.

Jocelyn Robinson

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Dialing the wrong telephone number has plagued us as long as smart phones have been around. A slip of the finger, or transposing numbers can yield an embarrassing encounter with someone on the other end of the line, resulting in a panicked “Sorry, wrong number!” It’s a forgivable mistake, an inconvenient moment for both the caller and the called.
From serendipitous misdials to alarming voicemails, the human relationship to smartphones provides us with moments of humor, surprise, and introspection – as our producer Jocelyn Robinson shows in this story-filled episode of the FEHLER podcast. Listen to find out more!

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