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Prize of the Jury

Honors the film that makes a particularly strong impression on the jury and is relevant to the theme of the year. The film delivers an emotional and intellectual resonance, which distinguishes it as an overall outstanding work of science journalism through film and television.

Prize of the Jury

Animals at the Border

In 1989, the "Iron Curtain" between East and West was torn down, and new free spaces and opportunities for dispersal opened up for wildlife throughout Europe. Since the refugee crisis, walls and fences are back, now sealing off the north from the south and cutting up many of the already small, fragmented habitats of endangered species in the process. Are there still big enough gaps in the fence? The question is explored by scientists and conservationists in Croatia, Slovenia, Mexico and Bulgaria. The outstanding documentary highlights several key issues connected to the Sustainable Development Goals, which affect our societies and the natural world with its many diverse inhabitants.

Sustainable Development Goals

15 - Life on Land

  • Categories Ecology and Environment

  • Original Title Tiere an den Grenzen
  • Director Cornelia Volk
  • Produced by Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk
  • Running Time 43:30 minutes
  • Country Germany
  • Year 2019