​A pre-jury of more than 30 local science education and science communication professionals from the participating countries are closely involved in the selection of the films.

In Myanmar the pre-jury in 2021 consisted of the following members:
Catherine Grace

Catherine Grace was graduated from the University of Medicine-2 in 2015. She worked as a part-time
volunteer junior medical officer at the charity clinic of Saint Peter and Saint Paul Church from 2016 to
2017. Then, she worked as a junior doctor at two government hospitals from December 2017 to
December 2020. She thinks that it is a creative and realistic idea to share knowledge about science and
better health to children through short and interesting films made for children. In future, she really hopes that every child from different areas of our country will be able to attain or access to better education through such valuable programs and create a better world with better health.

Science Film Festival - Myanmar - Jury - Catherine Grace

Medical Doctor

Nant Elizabeth Ei Hnin Phyu

Nant Elizabeth Ei Hnin Phyu is an independent mental health consultant, providing mental health care
services to the community. She graduated from Virginia Theological Seminary, Virginia (USA) with Master of Arts degree in Christian Formation/Education in 2019 and James Cook University, Singapore Campus with Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology in 2014. She has worked as a research assistant for Inclusive Education Project with Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) Myanmar in 2014 and Mental Health Coordinator at Heal the World Myanmar in Yangon from 2015-2017. She conducted mental health awareness training, group counselling and psychosocial support to marginalized people, especially leading group counselling activities to motivate and listen to their problems. She is currently working independently as a mental health consultant and trainer, educating mental health related issues such as basic mental health and psychosocial support to various NGO staff as well as providing emotional support to those who are in need.

Science Film Festival - Pre-Jury - Myanmar - Nant Elizabeth Ei Hnin Phyu

Independent Mental Health Consultant

U Win Naing

U Win Naing, founder and chairman of Myanmar Radio-control Airplane Builders and Flyers Club, Director of Agricultural Operation Support Co., Ltd. And he is also the flying and technical instructor for Myanmar Fire Services Department (MSFD) drone team and is working as a team leader for Yangon Division Myanmar Rural Road Development Projects Aerial Documentary team.

Science Film Festival - Myanmar - Jury - U Win Naing

Founder & Chairman of Myanmar RC Builders and Flyers Club

Saw Simon

Saw Simon is a teacher and translator for English and Karen languages. He was a participant at the 39th Japanese and Southeast Asian Youth Programme (2012), an external staff at World Economic Forum in
East Asia (2013), a liaison officer at the 27th SEA Games (2013), a participant at the International
Development Field Camp (2014) and has been an administrative staff at Taung Thu Gone Karen Baptist
Church since 2016. He takes interest in linguistics and language teaching as he works on developing
materials for Sgaw Karen language teaching while helping teens and young adults in their learning of
English. Currently, he is venturing into using technology for English-Karen translation.

Science Film Festival - Pre-Jury - Myanmar - Saw Simon

Teacher & Freelance Translator


Gun Naw is currently working as a senior health field officer in the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Rakhine State. He was borned in Hparkant which is known as Jade Land City of Myanmar and grown up in Myitkyina, the capital of Kachin State. He had completed primary and middle education in Myitkyina and high school in Yangon in 2008. He continues to learn the tertiary education and was graduated M.B., B.S from the University of Medicine (2), Yangon in 2015. He has five siblings who are productively working in their professional fields. Since his childhood, he has been curious of exploration of new places and taking adventure trips. So, he has been doing solo motorcycle trips to new places during his holidays as much as he can. He likes also reading books and contemplating the natural phenomenon like a kind of philosopher finding the meaning of life. Professionally, he is specializing in public health and wiling to serve people with his best for the better lives.

Science Film Festival 2021 - Pre Jury - Myanmar: Gunnaw

Senior Health Field Officer, ICRC