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Technology Award

Honors the film that sheds light on technologies that improve living conditions and environmental sustainability. The film accessibly introduces decisive technologies that are changing or going to change our lives in the 21st Century in mobility, health, communication or energy.

Technology Award

Atomic Hope – Inside The Pro-Nuclear Movement

This feature documentary delves into the realm of a small yet passionate global movement advocating for nuclear power as a crucial component in our journey towards decarbonizing energy systems, imperative to avert catastrophic climate change. Filmed intimately across a decade, the film illuminates the narratives of these fervent proponents of nuclear energy, hailing from diverse corners of the world - spanning Japan to Switzerland, America to Australia. However, their advocacy is met with persistent opposition and conflicts at every turn. The jury commends this film for courageously tackling a conversation imperative to shaping future energy solutions. It underscores the importance of engaging in discussions around controversial subjects within the realm of scientific discourse. The jury wishes to clarify that while this award does not serve as a blanket endorsement of nuclear energy, it recognizes the significance of open dialogue in exploring all potential solutions to global challenges, including energy needs.The film compellingly highlights the myriad of serious concerns – ranging from nuclear meltdowns and high costs to radiation fears and the unresolved issue of nuclear waste – raised by traditional environmentalists against this technology. Yet, amidst this pushback, the advocates for nuclear energy persistently argue their case, emphasizing their reliance on 'science and data' as the bedrock of their environmental movement. They challenge prevalent beliefs and myths surrounding nuclear energy, prompting crucial questions about its viability in addressing the imminent climate crisis. In the face of a pressing climate emergency where time is of the essence, the film provocatively asks whether it's time for a global reassessment. It urges a sober evaluation of the scientific evidence, questioning the widespread closure of nuclear power plants and encouraging a reexamination of nuclear energy as a potential solution to the impending climate catastrophe. By presenting multiple perspectives, the film emphatically demonstrates that there is indeed room for debate and discussion in this critical field.

  • Categories Ecology and Environment

  • Produced by Kathryn Kennedy Fenton
  • Running Time 1:23:00 minutes
  • Country Ireland
  • Year 2022

Director Details

Frankie Fenton