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Migration – Emigration – Fleeing

While we have over many years witnessed the worsening situation of refugees on Europe’s borders, since this summer we have come to realize how severe, how serious, how tragic the situation has actually become. This situation raises some essential questions – what are the problems and consequences being faced by these Central European nations incessantly flooded by an influx of humanity? Indian journalist Aman Sethi and German journalist Georg Diez will explore these issues and attempt to answer some of the questions by way of a regular exchange. More ...


A masala of thriller, crime, romance and social drama.
Sahkuntala Devi

Squat toilets that save lives :

Why Bindeshwar Pathak builds toilets.

German on a CV :

How to describe language skills in an application?

Current Projects

Appeal for Nepal   deutsch deutsch

The reconstruction of cultural monuments in Nepal lies close to our heart. The South Asian institutes of Heidelberg University gathers and coordinates donations.

eLibrary of the Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan India   deutsch deutsch

eBooks, eAudio, eVideos 24/7 at your fingertips

“Translating Books – Building Bridges”   deutsch deutsch

The Translators-in-Residence Program of the Goethe-Institut for professional translators from abroad

“Schools: Partners for the Future”   deutsch

This initiative by the German Federal Foreign Office wants to arouse interest and enthusiasm for contemporary Germany among youths all over the world.

Alumniportal Deutschland   deutsch deutsch

The Alumniportal Deutschland is the place for foreigners who have finished an education in Germany. The portal offers information, trainings, jobs, networks and a lot more.

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