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Current Music from Germany

classical music Photo (detail): © Colourbox.de

News from the classical music scene

Our December Klassikcast offers alternatives to Jingle Bells and singing reindeer with songs sung by humans and cellos, with musical families gathered around their piano, with Spanish rhythms that will make you want to dance along. We are celebrating the season with the Lautten Compagney, reflecting on centuries of war and peace, with Andreas Scholl and his family, with cellists Anja Lechner and Maximilian Hornung.

Popcast © Goethe-Institut | Illustration: DOON 東

Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Electro made in Germany

In our January Popcast moderator Ralf Summer presents music by Gudrun Gut, Pranke, Die Türen, Objekt and Jimi Tenor. Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Electro: at the beginning of every month we shine our search beacon into the nation’s studios and clubs from Kiel up north to Weilheim way down south. Together with Zündfunk, Bavarian Radio’s scene magazine, we showcase the latest music by riveting off-the-charts bands. Quality pop made in Germany can also be downloaded here by subscription.

New German-language publications

Rosinenpicker © Goethe-Institut / Illustration: Julia Klement

Read and Listen

Our "Cherrypicker" blog presents selected novels and non-fiction books, graphic novels and stories, audio books and music CDs from the wealth of new German-language publications. Every week an opportunity to discover outstanding texts, images and voices.


Future Perfect

Stories of pioneers

The world is in need of ideas for a better, more sustainable future, but ideas are not enough. The Goethe-Institut and the foundation FUTURZWEI collect stories for tomorrow – lived today, everywhere.

bangaloREsidency 2018 © Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan

bangaloREsidency 2018

The bangaloREsidency programme has been conceived as a long-term collaboration between the Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore and various innovative and discerning contemporary art/cultural spaces and partners in Bangalore.

Museum of the Future Goethe-Institut | Aarushi Surana

Museum of the Future
Redefining public spaces

What is the role of the museum in the society today? In its project “Museum of the Future” the Goethe-Institut India invites academics, museum professionals and other experts from Germany and India to discuss the new role of the museum.