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Current Music from Germany

Popcast © Goethe-Institut | Illustration: DOON 東

Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Electro made in Germany
Popcast in November

In our November Popcast moderator David Creedon presents music by Gaddafi Gals, Deichkind, Steffi x Virginia, Trettmann
and Kreidler. Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Electro: every month we shine our search beacon into the nation’s studios and clubs. Together with Zündfunk, Bavarian Radio’s scene magazine, we showcase the latest music by riveting off-the-charts bands.

The gender gap is like a gaping chasm in classical music Photo (detail): © Colourbox.de

News from the classical music scene
The KLASSIKCAST is taking a creative break.

But we’ll be back – revamped and in new attire – come mid-November. We’re going to surprise you with a special edition for Clara Schumann’s bicentenary and spotlighting some astonishing lesser-known sides of Ludwig van Beethoven.
So stay tuned – and listen in again soon!

New German-language publications

Rosinenpicker © Goethe-Institut / Illustration: Tobias Schrank

Read and Listen

Every year in October, the literature and publishing industry meets in Frankfurt. What do literary professionals talk about? What are the wishes for the future? We try to find answers: with texts, interviews – and of course with the literature itself.


Museum of the Future Goethe-Institut | Aarushi Surana

Museum of the Future
Redefining public spaces

What is the role of the museum in the society today? In its project “Museum of the Future” the Goethe-Institut India invites academics, museum professionals and other experts from Germany and India to discuss the new role of the museum.

Deutschsprachige Litertatur Illustration: Tobias Schrank, Goethe-Institut

Offer for book lovers
The German List

Demanding, modern German-language literature in English – that is the German List. Since 2009 Naveen Kishore has been editing this series in his publishing house Seagull Books. On the occasion of  the anniversary Seagull Books and the Goethe-Institut present a paperback edition of 25 English translations of German titles.

Kafka and virtual reality. Photo: Goethe-Institut

VR now in Bangalore
Kafka: A classic of world literature as a three-dimensional installation

In the "MetamorphosisVR" you wake up as a giant insect in a faithfully reconstructed room thanks to VR technology. Do read about what exactly awaits you here.