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Podcasts © Canva


Podcasts are the modern equivalent of good audiobooks, great albums, and well-curated radio stations. Our list of podcasts features a variety of genres, so you're sure to find your new favourite.

Joseph Beuys © Courtesy Video Data Bank of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Celebrating 100 Years of Joseph Beuys

Joseph Beuys would have turned 100 in 2021. In celebration, we’ve gathered videos and events on Beuys from our colleagues and partners — and included some 2021 perspectives on the artist’s work.

Where the Wild Tunes Are © Tobias Schrank

Music festivals in Germany
Where the Wild Tunes are

Music festivals are an integral part of the German cultural landscape, and for many Germans they are among the most enjoyable activities of the year. Get to know some of the most interesting ones acoustically and in pictures!

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2021 International women’s day graffiti Photo (detail): Jordi Boixareu © ZUMAPRESS.com


What are the vital issues that women and feminists in South Asia and Germany today consider to be of burning importance, what are they concerned about? And what else is there still to do? This is a showcase of people who are involved in the field of culture and who are dealing with the hottest feminist issues and debates of the moment.

Once Upon a Tomorrow

Once Upon a Tomorrow

Once Upon a Tomorrow brings together narrative experts to think, explore, prototype — and imagine new modes of narrative change that lead to collective action of hope. 

A television photographed in 2006, still from “Germany’s Most Beautiful Railways” Photo: Goethe-Institut


The earth rotates, everything is in constant motion, change is a necessity. It’s high time for a magazine dedicated to stillness: a collection of pieces from international artists and writers in homage to standstills and their poetic beauty.

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